A: A lot of research is still being done to determine the health effects of electronic cigarettes. However, many studies coming out recently have shown that they are far less detrimental to one's health than traditional cigarettes. (Farsalinos & Polosa study)

Q: Are electronic cigarettes safer than regular tobacco?

A: We're a locally owned and operated franchise of MadVapes. We carry a lot of similar products as the online store, but we also carry items not found on their website. We do not ship or have an online store. Our pricing may also differ from the website.

Q: Are you associated with the online MadVapes?

A: The reasons for this vary depending on the type of battery you have. If it's a standard 3.7 volt battery (there is no winder on the bottom), it could be due to a faulty USB charger or the wall adapter you're using (stay away from Apple product accessories!) These batteries like to be charged at .5-1 amp of power at a time. If you have a variable battery (there is a winder on the bottom), it needs to be set to 4.2 volts when charging to gain a full charge. If it's under 4.2 volts, it will be undercharged. If it's over 4.2 volts, it will be overcharged.

Q: Why won't my battery hold a charge?

A: There could be a few reasons this is happening. First, while the tank is still on your battery, push the button on the battery. If it lights up, listen for crackling or ignition. If the button lights up but you don't hear a sound, take your tank off of the battery. Looking at the top of your battery (bottom is facing the floor), you should see a little round disk-like contact pin. Pull that up a little with a small flat-head or tweezers. Then put your tank back on your battery, making sure it's snug, but not tight. Overtightening your tank can cause connection errors and is the #1 reason why tanks won't fire!

Q: Why is my tank not firing?

A: Getting used to the sensation of using an electronic cigarette versus a traditional cigarette can take a few days. If any of these issues are occurring, try to take lighter, slower, and longer pull on your electronic cigarette. Puffing on them like a cigarette creates pressure inside the tank, which causes the liquid to either flood out of the bottom or up into your mouth.

Q: Why is my tank leaking? Why is my tank gurgling? Why am I getting liquid into my mouth?