Bubble Tea! A frothy mix of creamy milk and tea with tapioca "bobas" at the bottom. This juice tastes exactly like the popular Taiwanese beverage. Infused with jasmine, this is a unique flavor you've got to try for yourself!​​


Created by the world-renowned mixologist and gastronomic-genius behind both Phillip Rocke Grand Reserve and Gemini Vapors, this artisanal-grade e-liquid is meticulously hand crafted in small batches, with an ultra-high attention to detail that borders on lunacy for a vape experience that is truly out-of-this-world.

In short, ANML was created as an answer to the cut-copy flavor profiles of yesterday, and pays homage to the meticulous art of flavor refinement, while standing on a bedrock of modern-day cutting-edge flavor science. With impurities neutralized and flavor-to-vapor ratios optimized, ANML stands in a class all its own... you just have to try it to believe it.

Based out of Santa Clara, California, SMAX Juice was created by the dynamic duo of Roni Nisnisan and Tyra Pham, also known as the artist, Tyra From Saigon. Together combined, they have over 6 years of vaping experience. Back in January 2014, Tyra walked into a local vape shop in San Jose, California called Hella Good Vapors where she purchased her first bottle of Banana Hammock by RNR Vapors. After leaving the shop, she discovered that Roni was the juice maker of that brand. Not expecting her addiction to develop overnight to the insanely delicious Banana Hammock e-juice, she contacted him right away through Facebook to inquire about a bigger bottle.

Pink Shooter 
Toasted graham crackers topped with fresh strawberries in a silky sweet sauce.

Razzy Pops
Juicy raspberry flavored pops inspired by the old-fashioned sweet and sour candy, Sweet Tarts.

Belgian Crunch
Decadent gingerbread cookie filled with velvety Belgian white chocolate.

On the Money
Frothy steamed hot cocoa, spiked with espresso shots, and a burst of mint.

Banana Hammock : Fluffy and blissful, classic creamy banana cupcake.

General’s Cream : Savory tart topped with strawberries and whipped cream.

Haze : An irresistible combination of hazelnut gelato decked with chocolate truffles.

Kylie : Tropical juicy lychee fruit with a splash of earthy aloe vera.

Vanilla Custard : Sinfully rich and heavenly sweet vanilla custard. 

Like all good conspiracies it takes time, research and dedication to uncover undeniable truth. So at Conspiracy liquids we use the best and purest ingredients combined with a 30 day steeping period. These flavors will open your pineal gland and beam delicious tastes to your dopamine receptors. Combined with Chemtrail size clouds these liquids will surely become all day vapes.

A "steampunk" inspired line of juices created by The House of Vapor.

  • Ghostberry - An otherworldly blend of Blueberry and Raspberry candy.
  • Dragon's Breath - Fresh juicy berries with a subtle hint of lemon-lime.
  • Banana Blitz - Ripe, lightly spiced Banana Cookies.
  • Gargoyle - Blueberry and Strawberry blended with a sweetly smooth cream.
  • Key Lime Cookie - This inspired Joose has wonderful sweet/tart notes of key lime, commingled with the flavor of warm baked cookies. Delicious and uniquely crafted for everyone to enjoy.
  • Pear Almond - Invoking the polished pastries of Europe, this Joose has the bold, rich flavor of Marzipan with notes of ripe, aromatic summer Pear.
  • V.C.T. (Vanilla Custard Tobacco) - This sophisticated Joose is sure to leave you wanting more! Sweet and silky Vanilla Custard up front, with a rich finish of Tobacco and a light hint of Almond.
  • Monkey Snack - A delicious pairing of rich, creamy peanut butter and sweet, velvety Banana.
  • Coconut Thai - This Joose was inspired by the exotic flavors from the distant shores of Thailand. The first flavor is that of the smooth Coconut, rich and slightly sweet followed by afternotes of fresh Thai Basil  and bright Lemongrass.



BRV (Bottle Ready to Vape) Liquids 60VG/40PG - MAX VG